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Monday, 30 March 2015

A Load Off Your Mind Hypnosis & Mind Coaching:

Hypnosis for Past Life Regression:
PAST LIVES - REAL OR IMAGINED? Find out for yourself!

There has been a lot of interest and controversy about Past Lives. Even some medical doctors are getting in on this powerful, healing therapy. One in particular who brought the concept to light over the years is Brian Weiss MD, who wrote Many Lives, Many Masters. As a result of his experience there is a new field of clinical therapy that seems to require past life regression. Having met him in person a few years ago, I know that as a scientific Doctor, he too questioned what was happening when his first client regressed into a past life when doing therapy in 1980.  There were too many authenticated facts in her past life to ignore as pure fantasy or wishful thinking.

Dr. Ian Stevenson (October 31, 1918–February 8, 2007) also brought the topic of Reincarnation to the light.  He worked diligently to conduct his work with appropriate scientific rigor. He was a Canadian biochemist and professor of psychiatry. Until his retirement in 2002, he was head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, which investigates the paranormal.

Stevenson considered that the concept of reincarnation might supplement modern medicine to understand aspects of human behavior and development.  He traveled extensively over a period of 40 years to investigate 3,000 childhood cases that suggested to him the possibility of past lives.  Stevenson saw reincarnation as the survival of the personality after death

We sure don't know complete why, but we do know it has a profound effect on some people's lives. Many illnesses somehow miraculously clear up after a client finds a past life that held that same trauma. In my practice I have experienced a client releasing a life-long phobia, and another finding a driving purpose in this life that went unfulfilled in past lives. I have observed symptoms of a physical nature clear up, and those of an intense emotional origin be released.

One man released a 20 year old stomach pain after find its cause in a past life. As a result this client also experienced profound peace in his current life. In almost every past life I’ve been privileged to witness, I’ve seen there is a major positive change in the person's life. Some of my clients didn’t come for a Past Life Regression, had never inquired about it and yet, when I asked their subconscious to take them to the cause of the problem, they regressed to the origin of the problem and it happens to be in another body, in another time. And every one of them experiences it as very real and relevant to the struggles they are experiencing.

Another interesting event is when someone "sees" a friend or loved one while experiencing the past life and recognizes hi, beyond any doubt, even though that person is in a totally different body. Usually the client is sure of familiarity. They tell me they just know. A client "sees" a loved one who has died and it can bring great comfort to have a new understanding of the relationship and the death process. In all cases it has been a positive, life changing experience. This is a therapy that is definitely worth more exploration. And with the right guidance, the process is one of truth.  For instance, a client may have wanted to have been someone famous. In reality that is not usually the case. There couldn’t have been 300,000 Cleopatras. No amount of wishing will make you go into the past life of your choice. You must just allow the process to take you where your subconscious mind KNOWS you need to go. It seems to be out of the conscious control of the client. But remember, it is always a positive and healing experience.  The benefit is sometimes beyond earthly description.

The other very important area to explore is the in-between life state (also referred to the Life Between Life state) when one is pure energy.  In every Past Life Regression, I guide clients though the death experience, without the actual reliving of the death, to the Universal Energy state.  Here is where the deeper learning is achieved for there is no body, no heavy energy.  This is where there is access to all Universal knowledge whereby deeper learning about your Soul's purpose in that past life (as well as in this life) the life lessons you scripted into being for your evolution.  This is also where deep and beautiful forgiveness of perpetrators and of the SELF is achieved. And that creates the space for peace.

My belief about past lives? Sure, it could be only imagination, or the collective unconscious memories, or a metaphorical way for the mind to find answers to challenges, or an actual journey to a life that we have lived before. I am always open to new ideas, having experienced Past Life Regression myself.  My clients would say that for them, it was real, not because of scientific analysis, but because the feelings they experienced were real and he the knowledge gained was invaluable. 

Millions of people believe this is within the realm of possibility and there are many books written on the subject.  And after many hours spent guiding clients through past lives, I know this: We don't know all there is to know!  I also know that it has brought tremendous healing to clients whereby their symptoms alleviated and often disappeared due to the release of the energy attached to karmic beliefs repeated throughout their lives.  The self awareness is invaluable in our continued journeys as spirits having human experiences.

Hypnosis will help you access your past life records, and heal the past. One thing you can be assured of is anyone can be regressed, as long as they are willing and open to it.  Regardless of your personal faith or belief, regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis. The hypnotherapy process is so healing.  I am a trained Past Life Regression Facilitator, and a professional Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.  I pride myself in creating a professional and safe place for clients to let go and learn through personal experience.  Sessions are 2 - 2.5 hours so we have plenty of time to explore (average sessions are 1.5 hours).

If this speaks to you and you’ve been curious about past lives, come take this journey to experience this life changing therapy.  You can also look at this Oprah article by Dr. Brian Weiss 

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Here’s what clients have said:

"Wow, what an experience.  Thank you again, so much, for that.  I was extremely comfortable having you guide me through that important life!  I can't believe how much that life affected everything in this one.  Everything I felt/sensed held so much information that was necessary for me to witness to release and undrstand things today!" - K.A., Vancouver, BC

"Just a huge thank you for providing me the opportunity to experience what I did.  Under your professionalism and bright light I felt extremely safe and indeed excited for the experience. I am so glad I finally did this!"  - Beck, Vancouver (Past Life Regression)

“HOLY SHIT!  What a ride!  I can’t believe that after a week since our session, my skin has cleared up! Are you kidding me?  In all seriousness, I do understand how I connected all the shame and self loathing I carried into this life, especially in the life as the Slaver.  I have always felt uncomfortable with any position that I thought gave me power over others and I know that my professional life will improve now that I finally get it.  Thanks, Rosa...should have done this years ago.” – Kevin, N. Vancouver (Skin condition was facial exema which flared with stress)