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Friday, 12 August 2016

Is it time to do your inner healing?


Is it time to do your inner healing?

Is it time to do the inner healing to have what you really want in your life???

We're living in a very outcome-focused society, where all we seem to look at is the end goal.  

What I mean by this is, is that if we're in physical pain, we all want the quick fix, the pill, the magic surgery, the thing that will make it all go away.

If we're struggling financially, we long for that winning lottery ticket, that magical break-through that gives us the money we want.

Here's the problem with this approach, and a suggested solution:

If you're in pain, and you pop that little pill, and the physical pain goes away, who are you? You're a person who now isn't in physical pain because the pill took it away, but you're the same person, with the same emotional experience, the same inner angst, the same demons.

If you're poor or struggling and you win the lottery, money is given to you and you are now rich, but who are you?  You're the same person, with money, but with the same emotional experiences, inner angst and demons.  (this is a big part of the reason why, as I'm sure you know, most lottery winners lose everything in a span of a few years.)

What's the option?  The option is to do the deep inner work, to heal, to let go, to become more conscious, to forgive others, to forgive yourself, to release limiting beliefs, to connect to that deepest part of you that knows truth, that knows the essence of who you are and your value in the world.

THEN the pain goes away...

THEN the money flows in...

THEN the relationships appear and not just with others but more importantly, with yourself...

And who are you then?  You're a person who isn't in physical pain, you're a person who is wealthy by whatever definition you choose, you are whatever that end goal you wanted...but with inner peace, clarity, and joy.

So the question you REALLY want the white pill or the lottery ticket? Or are you ready to do that deep inner work and to truly transform? 

Up to you! :)

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